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Candles in 100% stearin. The candles are Nordic Swan Ecolabel and are available in three different sizes. The candles fit perfectly in our Luna candle holders.

Height: Small 10 cm, medium 15 cm, large 15 cm 
Diamater: Small Ø4 cm, medium Ø4 cm, large Ø5 cm
Material: 100 % stearin
Information: Burn time small 12h, medium 19h, large 28h
Made in: Poland

A Nordic Swan Ecolabelled candle is a candle meeting specific criteria for environmental performance, health aspects, quality, and safety. This is a candle that has a clean-burning because there are limited values for soot emission and content of health- and environmental damaging chemistry. Furthermore, the candle consists of more than 90% renewable raw materials. Stearin has a minimal impact on the environment and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

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