With a background in the fashion and interior design industry, Annalena Jönsson and Marcus Eliasson had a longing to create something lasting, at a pace that allows reflection. In 2011, they created Tell Me More – an interior design brand with timeless and beautiful objects that are made to be used a lot and for a long time.  

The first collections consisted of bed linen made of stonewashed linen and hemp rugs in a natural color scale. Both bed linen and hemp rugs are still part of Tell Me More’s range, today in a larger selection of colors and styles, but with the same great quality and feeling. Since its inception – where textiles and carpets were in focus – Tell Me More has gradually developed into an interior design concept for the entire home. Today with a collection that has been expended with, among other things, glassware, ceramics, and crockery.  


" A longing to create something lasting,
at a pace that allows reflection"


sängkläder i linne


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